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How We Serve

All mortgages involve addressing three primary areas:


Income, credit and down payment.

Within that context, many other issues arise that require professional experience, knowledge and skills. 

Income Types and Sources

Income not reported on a tax return, variable income from work interruptions or irregular payments, income derived from a foreign country or in a foreign currency, non-wage income from stock options, sale or pledge of assets, retirement income, limited funds for down payment.


Debts and Credit

High or misallocated consumer debt balances or payments (possibly from business-related debt on a personal credit report or involving student loans), resulting in credit score problems or high debt ratios.


Serious and Urgent Credit Situations

A niche in which we have a background relates to missed payments, possibly involving bankruptcy, modification, forbearance, mortgage default or foreclosure.



Tricky legal situations arising out of clouds on title, divorce buy-outs, and very commonly from use of business entities - syndications, LLCs, partnerships and corporations, family trusts, and land trusts.



Unusual properties owing to location, size, condition, or usage all can be barriers to getting financing and require special solutions. 

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First-time homebuyers, self-employed individuals, and retired persons can all experience significant challenges.


Business Owners

Business owners of all types own property in their personal name or within partnerships, LLC’s and corporations, with income or debt tied to the business along with borrowing restrictions, in the case of SBA loans. 


Shared Ownerships

Unmarried cohabitators, people splitting assets when settling an estate, shared ownership in tenants-in-common or co-op.



Real estate investors optimizing cash flow, minimizing down payment, creatively using equity, covering cost of improvements, deferring taxes via a 1031 exchange, whether seeking to hold the property for only a short-term or long-term period.

Who We Serve

Examples of past clients who we have helped overcome challenges through our efforts to solve their unique challenges.

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