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Vida P., CA

Jay's assistance last year in getting our new mortgage was the best. Our banker and their mortgage person couldn't do anything close to what Jay was able to do. It definitely has allowed us to keep within a comfortable budget and not have to dip into our savings.Thank you so much for all the effort you have madeto help our extended family. I still remain grateful for what you were able to do for us.

Trevor S., CA

Jay Briggs is the best mortgage broker around! I highly recommend working with Jay. He helped us when we purchased our first home and then again when we refinanced to a lower rate. Jay is very proactive and responds timely. He helped us get our loans done very quickly.

Lisa H., CA

As a real estate investor, working with an incredibly experienced mortgage pro like Jay Briggs is critical to my deals getting done and closing on time. What I appreciate most about Jay is that he takes the time to find out about each deal and solve for issues FIRST so that there are no surprises as the transaction moves ahead. Additionally, I love the breadth of lenders he has connections with, making it easy to fund whatever I throw his way. As a very satisfied repeat customer, Jay has earned and continues to earn my business. Thank you!

Swanee H., CA

When it comes to mortgages, Jay Briggs knows his stuff. Jay has a deep understanding of the mortgage industry and is able to provide accurate and reliable advice on different mortgage products and lenders. Jay has excellent communication skills and is able to explain complex mortgage terms and conditions in a way that is easy to understand.My mortgages have been somewhat difficult because of my complex situation, but Jay was always able to make them work. I highly recommend Jay for anyone in need of a mortgage, especially investors.
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